EMERGENCE explores the relationship between human social behavior, technology and consequences of technological enmeshment. When we look at our daily lives, it’s overtly clear how dependent we are on technology. We interact with devices and social networks creating personas and digital cultures. We can control ourselves, what people see, and how people perceive our lives so much to the point that we cannot easily distinguish reality from fiction.

The installation begins in a dark space. In the distance you see floating particles projected onto a structure in the vague shape of a human. Walking up to the particles, the shape becomes clear until you are standing face to with a digital human. As you step farther back, the particles disperse and the vision of the human counterpart disappears. Audio accompaniments you during the experience, a voice beckons you closer, emotes at you, and finally tells you to leave all in an ASMR whisper.

The human figures presented in the piece are avatars displayed in a dense point cloud style. The points allude to physical systems that we are made up of on an atomic level and signify humanities indefatigable nature to create ourselves.